Categories: FrontPage, News 2024

by Urednik Pontalopud


Categories: FrontPage, News 2024

by Urednik Pontalopud


In a few weeks, the island of Lopud will once again become the center of art and culture lovers, as it was in the past years, thanks to the creative platform Ponta Lopud. According to Tilda Grossel Bogdanović, this year Ponta Lopud brings the richest program so far through three events: Ponta Lopud summer screenings from June 27-29, Ponta Lopud jazz festival from August 29-31 and Ponta Lopud book bridge from 27-29. September and continues with gatherings of artists, exchange of knowledge and experience with attractive artistic programs for the local audience and numerous guests of Lopud.

The novelties that the Ponta Lopud creative platform brings to the island this year were presented by the founder of the platform, Tilda Grossel Bogdanović, in an interview for Dubrovački vjesnik with journalist Bruno Lucić. We are broadcasting the interview in its entirety.


This spring, news broke that you and your business partner Mirsad Purivatra were parting ways, prompting questions about the fourth edition of the Ponta Lopud Film Festival. What made you decide to continue? Did you ever consider quitting?

Living on Lopud year-round with my family, and breathing in Lopud daily, motivates me to think about how to enrich life on the island, which has always been a smaller counterpart to Dubrovnik through the centuries. The idea of Ponta Lopud originated from this and has evolved over the years, reaching a new development phase after three film festivals and the first jazz festival.

Life, projects, and friendships go through various development stages, each with its own lifespan. More activities and projects bring more experiences, some exhausting, others enriching, but all shaping us. My career has largely been about organizing and producing diverse events, from classical music, acapella in the klapa style, crossover,  jazz, to gourmet and wine festivals. The Ponta Lopud Film Festival has provided invaluable experiences in the film world.


In a recent interview with Dubrovački vjesnik, your former partner Mirsad Purivatra said, “Ponta Lopud Film Festival no longer exists.” What is your response?

Mirsad Purivatra has left the joint project on Lopud to start a new one in Slano. He was one of those who introduced me to this world, but decided to go on with his life and work elsewhere and I wish him luck in his future endeavours.

Ponta Lopud is becoming a significant concept, evolving into a movement for the island’s development, uniting those who value Lopud beyond a mere stage or media mention. It’s about branding Lopud as we envision it. Ponta Lopud is primarily for the island and its residents, as well as the guests who return year after year. We are moving forward stronger than ever, or as we say, taking a step up.


Have you been looking for or found new business partners, and who is helping you with the preparations?

From the very beginning, numerous long-term business partners, Lopud friends, and the island’s residents, both native and international, have supported Ponta Lopud. They offer unconditional support to my team and me, ensuring the continuation of all activities of the Ponta Lopud creative platform through the Ponta Lopud Club. Since the first day, we have had support from the owners of RMH Hotel Lafodia and the concessionaire of the Franciscan Monastery Lopud 1483, as well as the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, who provide unique event locations. Lopud’s hospitality industry have also been hosting us since day one, including partners like Dubrovnik, La Villa, and Obala Bowa restaurants on Šipan. Such locations and support are hard to find, perhaps only comparable to Dubrovnik itself.


What can festival visitors expect this year and at which locations will the events take place? What will be different about this edition of Ponta Lopud compared to previous ones?

This year, visitors can expect at least three major events, the most so far. The 2024 season begins with the “summer cinema” in the stunning natural setting of La Baja Beach of the RMH Hotel Lafodia.

The Grand Hotel garden will transform in late August into a beautiful concert venue echoing top-notch jazz compositions, organized by Thana Alexa. The unique, recently opened Rector’s Palace on Lopud will become a hub of knowledge exchange and new ideas for all three events.

The first literary event will feature writer meetups, creative writing workshops, and various literary topics, rounding off this year’s activities for the Ponta Lopud creative platform. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we announce even more events, as Lopud seems to attract a lot of creative energy.


From the current announcements, it’s clear that the event will feature film screenings. Which films will be shown, and will there be both local and international guests? Is the era of Hollywood stars visiting Lopud over?

We will soon announce details of all evening screenings at our “summer cinema” in collaboration with Dubrovnik Cinemas. These will feature award-winning films from both international and Croatian cinema. We are also planning a surprise, pending final approval. As far as our guests are concerned, we are excited to host the world-renowned Croatian director, screenwriter, and producer Rajko Grllić, who, following the Motovun festival, will join us on Lopud. As for Hollywood stars, you wouldn’t believe who vacations on Lopud incognito. Stars do come, and I’m confident they will continue to do so in the future. Just remember the Julian Rachlin & Friends festival, where we hosted, in addition to Julian Rachlin himself, other world-renowned classical musicians like Mischa Maisky and Itamar Golan, internationally celebrated orchestras and conductors, as well as Hollywood stars like Sir Roger Moore and John Malkovich, who continued visiting us for years. The same is happening with the Ponta Lopud platform.


What kinds of educational workshops can visitors expect?

We will host about ten respected film professionals, both local and international artists, and some twenty young people involved in film industry, who will spend three days exchanging knowledge, experiences, and ideas, creating new values. Educational workshops and engaging film discussions will cover production, film music editing, picture editing, acting, and directing. The jazz edition will offer masterclass workshops by the world’s top jazz stars for participants from around the globe, while our writers will work on honing their writing skills. Lopud offers them a place of ultimate inspiration, allowing them to fully immerse in the island’s tranquillity and escape the fast-paced everyday life for a couple of days.


How have you managed the financial aspect of the project, who are the financiers, and have you found sponsors?

The finances are largely taken care of because we have an incredible production team of friends who give their all without expecting anything in return. We invest our knowledge, skills, resources, connections, and everything else we can offer. We enjoy support by institutions such as the County Government and the City of Dubrovnik, tourist boards, national and local businesses, and, of course, the remarkable members of the Ponta Lopud Club. These individuals not only support and follow us but also encourage and sponsor our initiatives. They all form the Ponta Lopud creative platform, and I can’t imagine a better scenario for the future development of art, culture, and creativity on Lopud.