28. June 2021. pontalopud

Asja Petersen, the wellness spirit of the Ponta Lopud Festival

Asja Petersen, a verified international Pilates instructor, educator and owner of the studio with the longest tradition of Pilates in Croatia and the region, will be in charge of healthy and energizing morning workout sessions for guests and accredited journalists of the first Ponta Lopud Festival.

Through “Recharge & Reset with Asja Petersen” morning sessions on one of the many attractive locations on the island, by the sea and in the shade of palm trees and pines, Festival guests and accredited journalists will work on connecting breath and movement, relaxation, conscious activation of certain muscle groups, learn about the importance of the centre of gravity, the connection of the spine and the pelvis, the role of the feet and palms in the perception of space, improving balance and experiencing space. These sessions will serve as a great start to each day of the Festival, as the participants engage in interesting, fun and inspiring events including, among other things, a film masterclass, contemporary art appreciation, a special gourmet program and open-air film screenings.

In her work, Asja stresses the Focus Point technique. It is a system created as a result of her extensive, thirty years of experience and learning through working with very specific and different groups of people, ranging from top athletes, dancers, actors to sports amateurs. The Focus Point has been pared down and systematized in such a way that it improves our psychophysical condition quickly and very effectively.

“Science has proven, and practice has shown, that our brain is the main driver of all desired processes and changes. Without that key player, there would be no expected results or long-term progress”, says Asja Petersen just before her guest appearance and work at the Ponta Lopud Festival.

Foto: Asja Petersen PR