2. July 2021. pontalopud

Grand Opening of the first Ponta Lopud Festival

Pawlikowski to the media: “I’m so pleased to be a part of this Festival on Lopud!”

The first Ponta Lopud festival was opened tonight with a masterclass by famous Polish director and Oscar winner Pawel Pawlikowski and the screening of his award-winning movie “Cold War”.

In presenting the program of this new festival at the press conference held at RMH Lafodia Sea Resort, the co-founder and organiser Tilda Grossel Bogdanović said that the island of Lopud is turning into a place ready for new and attractive events which would bring the visitors together with the locals and thus give the island an added international recognisability. “Time will tell if this was a courageous or a mad idea. I’m very pleased with the reactions of many people from both the public life and the locals who, each in their own way, helped us tremendously”, said Grossel Bogdanović.

Co-founder of the Ponta Lopud Festival and director of Sarajevo Film Festival Mirsad Purivatra said that another magical place was found for filmmakers from the region and the whole world to get together. “In four to five years Ponta Lopud Festival will become one of the most important venues for film professionals. We don’t want to become too big, though, we don’t aspire to become a new Cannes or Sarajevo Festival. We want Lopud to host a Festival where people will meet, socialize, exchange ideas and develop a network of friends and new projects. The surroundings of this truly beautiful island already serve as immense inspiration”, added Purivatra.

Special guest of the festival, Pawel Pawlikowski, whose film “Cold War” was shown on the first night at the Franciscan monastery Lopud 1483 praised the idea of a new festival. ”There are not many people like Mirsad Purivatra. He loves film and knows how to get film lovers together. Where Miro goes, people follow. Everything he has done so far is amazing. When he invited me to the Ponta Lopud Festival I didn’t hesitate for a moment and was extremely excited to come. I’m really glad to be a part of it.”

Pawlikowski said to reporters who came to the press conference that the Covid crisis had definitely changed his perspective and that the stories he was working on now seemed irrelevant. I’m not sure if I’m ready to make a new film in this situation, but we have to move on.” He expressed satisfaction that young and talented directors and actors from the region are participating in the masterclass and stressed that he himself got a new surge of energy from them. “It’s a win-win situation for both me and the masterclass participants.”

The press conference was followed by the first film screening in the exceptionally beautiful ambience of the fortress at the Franciscan monastery Lopud 1483. Pawlikowski personally introduced his film “Cold War” and once again expressed his gratitude to the organizers who invited him to this unique festival.

On the eve of the opening night of the Ponta Lopud Festival, the visitors also enjoyed the fireworks display as well as the autochthonous gourmet dishes offered at the low put restaurants

Ponta Lopud Festival, which takes place from 1 to 5 July was also attended by Oscar winner from Bosnia and Herzegovina Danis Tanović and Mexican director Michel Franco. Participants of the masterclass are young directors and actors from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Kosovo.

Photographs of the first day of Ponta Lopud Festival, Ponta Lopud Press