23. June 2022. pontalopudfilm

Grand opening of the second Ponta Lopud Festival

The second edition of the Ponta Lopud Festival was opened Wednesday evening with a press conference given by leading master Joel Coen.

While talking about his masterclass, which is planned for today, Coen spoke about his teaching strategy: “I am curious as to how much the participants are eager to learn about the filmmaking process and glad to share my experience with them. For me, a masterclass is simply a conversation. I will be answering the participantsquestions, which is almost all I can do. “

The Coen brothers find inspiration for their films in various sources: film, literature and paintings. As far as the creative process is concerned, Joel pointed out: “It is difficult for me and my brother to create a scene unless we can visualize it, see it first in our head, whether it is a difficult scene with dialogue or one that is visually very simple. I think about it all the time because thats what the audience is also doing, they not only think about what the scene looks like, but also where it fits when compared to something they’ve seen before or have yet to see, and what the transitions are.”

The press conference was followed by the first open-air film screening of Coen’s award-winning film Fargo on La Baja beach of RMH Lopud Lafodia Resort & Wellness. On that occasion, he addressed the large audience, invited them to enjoy the film screenings at a truly special location of this beautiful corner of the world. He also invited them to watch the entire, excellent film program of the Festival.

On the opening night, visitors also enjoyed the view of Lopud Bay with sparkling fireworks and a variety of gourmet dishes prepared from local ingredients at several island restaurants.