2. July 2021. pontalopud

Meeting of film professionals just before the beginning of Ponta Lopud Festival

This morning, a meeting was held between two Oscar winners – Pawel Pawlikowski and Danis Tanović – with professional film workers and representatives of the Embassy Films company from Dubrovnik


At the initiative of the founders of the Ponta Lopud Festival, Mirsad Purivatra and Tilda Grossel Bogdanović, a constructive meeting was organized at which film professionals exchanged experiences and several interesting preliminary ideas on the development of production and co-production in South Dalmatia. During the meeting, they also discussed exciting possibilities for expanding the ‘creative hub’ of the Ponta Lopud Festival in the coming years, in which Dubrovnik film professionals would have a special role.


The founders of the Ponta Lopud Festival stress that such meetings, along with connecting Dubrovnik film professionals with two of the best directors of today, Oscar winners Pawlikowski and Tanović, and exchanging experiences and ideas that we believe will be realized in the future, present the best and finest contribution of the Festival to the local community.


The Ponta Lopud Festival promotes and celebrates film, contemporary art and gastronomy. At the same time, the Festival is a “creative hub” where film professionals – directors and actors, get the opportunity to gain new experiences and build long-term professional relationships and friendships during four days of socializing and attending masterclasses.


The Ponta Lopud Festival officially opens to the public on Friday, July 2, with a screening of the hit film “Cold War”, made by Pawel Pawlikowski, a special guest of the Festival and celebrated director and Oscar winner. In a special section for film professionals, supported by the Cinelink Sarajevo Film Festival’s industrial platform, the Ponta Lopud Festival organizes a film masterclass by Pawel Pawlikowski starting July 1, with fifteen selected young actors, producers and directors from Croatia and the region.