5. July 2021. pontalopud

Morning savasana, Šipan island, “Dance of the Fairy”, Wine Google and “My Summer of Love“

The third day of the first Ponta Lopud Festival started with a morning “Recharge & Reset with Asja Petersen” session for festival guests and accredited journalists, in of the many attractive island locations, the fortress of the LOPUD 1483 Franciscan monastery. The exercises were aimed at connecting breath and movement, learning relaxation techniques, conscious activation of certain muscle groups, spine-pelvic connection, and the importance of the centre of gravity. Asja also stressed the role of feet and palms in the perception of space, explained how to improve balance and experience space, which was a great introduction to the day full of interesting, fun and inspiring Festival events that followed.

On the second day of the masterclass for directors and actors, Pawlikowski was joined by Michel Franco, an award-winning Mexican director. They both shared their extensive knowledge with talented young people who already have experience in filmmaking.

“First of all, a masterclass with a director of Pawlikowski’s calibre, one of the greatest in the world, is tremendously valuable for all of us as there is rarely an opportunity for direct contact with such a great director. We have been working for two days already and all participants are extremely satisfied”, says Dana Budisavljević, author of the award-winning film “The Diary of Diana B.”

Participants of the masterclass, actors and directors from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia and Kosovo, spoke with Pawlikowski about his process of preparing for and filming “My Summer of Love”, which he made in 2004 while he was living and working in the UK. The screening “under the stars” in front of the RMH Lafodia Sea Resort hotel attracted many Festival participants, Lopud residents and visitors from Dubrovnik, all of whom came to enjoy this award-winning film made by the guest of honour of the first edition of the Festival.

The Ponta Lopud Festival also attracted a number of guests who came to the island of Lopud to meet and talk with directors and actors. A short excursion to the island of Šipan was organized as well as a special presentation and wine tasting of the famous Konavle wines of the Crvik family: Tezoro 2019, Blasius Malvasia orange 2019, Fiora Syrah Rose 2019, Vilin ples (Dance of the Fairy) 2017 and Lorko Merlot 2017. The wines were presented in an entertaining way by one of the most respectable sommeliers and wine connoisseurs Mira Šemić, called “Wine Google” by the media. She is also the first female wine academic in the Balkans. The presentation of Crvik wines took place on the Des Arts hotel terrace of the Lafodia Sea Resort.

The goal of the Festival co-founders Tilda Bogdanović and Mirsad Purivatra, was already achieved in the first three days of the Ponta Lopud Festival. They wanted to include the local community in all events and to make the Festival program as attractive to the island residents as possible. Therefore, admission to all film screenings was completely free, and boat transfers were organized for the guests arriving from Dubrovnik. The director of the Sarajevo Film Festival, Mirsad Purivatra, said that Ponta Lopud had no ambition to be a “big” festival, but a place where people involved in filmmaking and acting will meet in the coming years and bring additional value to the tourism of the island of Lopud.

Photos of the second day of the Ponta Lopud Festival. Ponta Lopud Press