4. July 2021. pontalopud

Musical introduction to the Lopud film nights

The performance of the celebrated pianist Antonija Pacek will be an ideal intro to the third open-air film screening, with a magical Lopud sunset over the sea as a backdrop


Antonija Pacek grew up in Croatia, and after studying psychology in Vienna and the University of Cambridge in the UK, she chose the Vienna area as home to her family. However, she has never forgotten Croatia and is always happy to return to it, especially to the Lopud summer house.


“As soon as I found out about the preparations for the Ponta Lopud Festival, I didn’t hesitate for a moment, but called Tilda, the organizer of the Festival immediately and expressed my desire to become a part of this great art project. Fortunately, she accepted my proposal wholeheartedly. I am absolutely delighted that I have the opportunity to contribute with my music to the first Ponta Lopud Festival and that Lopud was chosen to host this creative event, as it is truly magical and inspiring. I hope that it will become a place where the great creative minds from all over the world will get together regularly, which I am really looking forward to! ”, said Antonija about her cooperation with the Festival and added,


“I have chosen a few of my own compositions for the performance at the Ponta Lopud festival: If Only Time Allowed, a love story that could have been, but never was, Sofia, about one of the kindest people I know, who has been unjustly punished for a bad fate, and Lost, dedicated to all of those who had to experience a horrific pain due to losing someone we deeply loved.”


Many critics point out that Antonija Pacek’s music is hard to classify in any category. For some, her music is as original as any type of music can be, and is associated with the listener’s deepest emotions. Some call it cinematic, others neoclassical, while others believe that the only thing missing is lyrics to sing along to it. But no matter which piece you pick to enjoy or how someone calls it, the most important thing is that Antonija’s music comes directly from the depths of her heart and soul!


Antonija’s performance will therefore be an ideal intro to the last open-air screening of the Festival (July 4), which takes place on the romantic beach – La Baja – at the RMH Lafodia Sea Resort, where she will interpret her original compositions. Tonight’s film is a classic chosen by Pawlikowski himself – “La Promesse” by the Dardenne brothers.


We believe that all visitors to the third film evening of the Ponta Lopud Festival will enjoy every second of Antonija’s performance, with a romantic, unique beach sunset as a backdrop.




Photo: Private album