5. July 2021. pontalopud

Oscar winners and Festival guests enjoy award-winning wines of the Crvik family

A special event for the participants and guests of the Ponta Lopud Festival was the presentation of the famous Konavle wines of the Crvik family on the Des Arts terrace of RMH Lafodia Sea Resort, with entertaining comments by sommelier and the first wine academician in the Balkans, Mira Šemić, called “Wine Google” by the media


According to the records in the Dubrovnik archives, the Crvik family has lived in Konavle since 1500. They have been growing vines for centuries but started with wine production a little over 100 years ago. The first generation of winemakers was led by great-grandfather Andro Crvik, who built a wine cellar. In 1993, Andro Crvik, the third generation of winemakers in the family, turned a new page in the history of winemaking by expanding production and building a modern winery. It was him who first won several valuable awards at various competitions throughout Croatia and the world.

Along with the renowned sommelier Mira Šemić, winemaker Petar Crvik, the fourth generation of this famous Konavle family of winemakers, also spoke about his wines. After graduating from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, he introduced innovations in wine production, encouraged wine rebranding, and won very important prizes at various foreign competitions. The Crvik family winery is located in Konavle, a green oasis not far from Dubrovnik, in the picturesque village of Komaji, in a forest amidst the hills between Konavle field on one side and the sea on the other.

The guests enjoyed the selection of the following famous Crvik wines:

TEZORO 2019, Dubrovnik Malvasia – selection

– a wine of exquisite aromas and a bouquet and the first grape variety recorded in the documents of the medieval Republic of Dubrovnik. This grape served to honour the most distinguished visitors.

BLASIUS 2019, Malvasia Orange

– Malvasia of Dubrovnik, fermented in a barrel and aged and mixed with the skin and seeds in a wooden barrel for exactly 8 months, after which it aged for another 4 months without the pomace.

FIORA 2019, Syrah Rose

– a wonderfully light wine of rosy, cherry colour and aromas of Konavle roses, a fruity and full body create a truly unique experience.

VILIN PLES 2017, Cabernet sauvignon – Merlot – Plavac

The poor red soil of Konavle, in which the grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Plavac mali grew, gave this truly special wine. Dark ruby red colour with purple tones, fruity aromas, especially that of dark berries, a strong body and light tannins, aged in oak barrels, are the characteristics of this first Konavle Cuvee.

The last wine presented to guests was Lorko Merlot 2017, which was aged for 3 years in new French oak barrels, creating indescribably rich aromas and flavours.