Ponta Lopud Club

Dear Friends!

Last summer, with the support of top professionals from various fields of culture and cultural
management, we launched the first edition of the Ponta Lopud, a creative art "hub" that
promotes and celebrates film, contemporary art, music and gastronomy. The Ponta Lopud
brought a special energy and additional artistic touch to Lopud. The island welcomed our
special guest of honor Polish Oscar winner Pawel Pawlikowski.

The first edition of the Ponta Lopud was substantially supported by professionals, local
people, visitors and the public. We made many interesting acquaintances and friendships
and showed a great potential for further development. All this encouraged and obliged us to
continue working on this project with even greater zeal and enthusiasm. We want Lopud to
become a year-round unique location where renowned artists and authors from all over the
world will come to meet with young talents who represent a bright cultural and artistic
future in this part of Europe.

We want to gather friends to create an active community together and to contribute to the
quality and longevity of good art events on the island. Today, more than ever, due to the
global pandemic that has an extremely negative impact on cultural developments, your
contribution is extremely important to us and we are immensely grateful for each

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join the "Ponta Lopud Club"! We hope that you are
interested and that you will fill in the attached form and share your contact information with
us. If you can, please support the Ponta Lopud with your donation. We have several
membership categories. Please choose one that suits you best and we will continue to build
together an interesting, creative and eventful future of our Lopud island.

All donations will be transparent and invested exclusively in the implementation of the Ponta
Lopud program and will be reported to the PL Club members, sponsors and other target

We firmly believe that the Ponta Lopud can generate new ideas, push creative boundaries of
young talents and tell completely new stories that are eagerly awaited by audiences around
the world.

Please support us and let us create together the most beautiful cultural stories on the island
of Lopud!