Ponta Lopud Club

Dear friends,

Two successful Festival editions are behind us, and our wish for Lopud to become a unique meeting point for distinguished artists and film authors from all over the world, and young talents who epitomize a bright future for culture and art in this corner of Europe, has been fulfilled.

Ponta Lopud Festival, a festival that promotes and celebrates film, contemporary art, music and gastronomy, was launched with the support of top professionals from various fields of culture and culture management. Exceptionally positive reactions of their peers, local population, visitors and the public have revealed the potential for further development, and spurred us to continue working on this project with even greater enthusiasm and confidence.

Apart from the fact that some of the most distinguished film artists like Frances McDormand and Joel Coen honoured us with their participation in the second Festival edition, by returning to Lopud, some of the lecturers like Pawel Pawlikowski and Michel Franco further confirmed the worth and importance of such projects.

It is our desire to hit upon fresh ideas with each coming year, push the creative boundaries of young talents and create entirely new projects that the audiences around the world are eagerly awaiting.

In order to create an active community together and contribute to ensuring the quality and permanence of art events on the island, it is our honour and pleasure to invite you to become a member of the “Ponta Lopud Club”.

We hope that you will recognize the potential of our project and take an active part in its future development. If you are able to support Ponta Lopud with your donation, we have prepared several sponsorship categories. Choose the most suitable one for you and let us continue to build a creative and meaningful future of our Lopud together.

All donations are transparently and exclusively put into the implementation of the Ponta Lopud program and will be shown in reports prepared for all PL Club members, sponsors and other target audiences.

Support us and help us create the most beautiful culture story on the island of Lopud!