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The Ponta Lopud Club gathers art lovers and devotees of Lopud island who, through their personal participation and support of the festival, become members of the Ponta Lopud Club.

Membership categories:

ALLY €500 – €5.000

ANGEL €5.000 – €10.000

PARTNER €10.000 – €15.000

PATRON €15.000 – €20.000


Each member of the PONTA LOPUD JAZZ CLUB actively contributes to the success of the Ponta Lopud festival, bringing their unique abilities to enrich this renowned cultural event.

Each member plays a vital role in shaping the "Ponta Lopud platform." Encouraged to share innovative ideas and activities, they directly influence the festival's evolution, thus elevating Lopud's global standing.

Regardless of membership category, all members receive “formal” benefits, including accreditations, priority invitations, and tickets for both official and supplementary events. Their names grace the festival's website and program booklet, and they receive special festival mementos. Moreover, Club membership cultivates friendships through diverse gatherings and provides chances to interact with artists, nurturing significant connections that extend well beyond the festival dates.

The payment of the donation by which you become a member of the Ponta Lopud Club can be paid exclusively by bank transaction with the note Payment of donation for Ponta Lopud Club membership and the mandatory indication of the membership category.


The payment details are:

Udruga Aklapela, Vukovarska 26, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

IBAN HR6724840081106616271, SWIFT RZBHHR2X

Raiffeisenbank, Vukovarska 17, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia