6. July 2021. pontalopud

The first Lopud palm tree, “The Promise” and a piano performance

On the last day of the first Ponta Lopud Festival, the visitors had the opportunity to see The Promise (La Promesse, 1996) by the Dardenne brothers, a film personally chosen by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski.

Before the screening, the residents of the island thanked Tilda Grossel Bogdanović, the co-organizer of the festival, for presenting their beautiful Mediterranean island to the whole world, as well as for organizing a new festival that attracted great interest from the locals and Dubrovnik residents alike.

The piano performance of the celebrated pianist Antonija Pacek, who played her own three compositions, was an ideal introduction to the third open-air screening, with a magical Lopud sunset in the background.

The last day of the Festival started again with the morning exercise sessions led by Asja Petersen.

The guest of the Festival, Polish Oscar-winner Pawlikowski answered questions from masterclass participants – directors and actors from Croatia and the region, after the screening of his film “My summer of love” (2004).

The famous director left a lasting mark on the island of Lopud by planting the first Ponta Lopud Festival palm tree in Đorđić Mayneri Park, along with other Festival participants, including Bosnian director and Oscar winner Danis Tanović and Mexican director Michel Franco. Planting a palm tree will become a tradition in the coming years of the Festival, as it also has a metaphorical meaning in the film world. This year’s masterclass attendees will always have their Lopud palm tree to remind them of the masterclass with Pawlikowski. The masterclass will undoubtedly contribute to their future projects and eventually lead some of them to win the ‘Palme d’Or’.

‘By planting the Ponta Lopud palm tree, we wanted to thank the locals for embracing this Festival and contributing, each in their own way and as much as possible, to its high quality. Mediterranean palm trees, a trademark of the island of Lopud, were severely infested several years ago by the red palm weevil. With this small gesture Ponta Lopud Festival wants to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the environment,” said Tilda Grossel Bogdanović.

The participants of the Festival also visited Dubrovnik, which is slowly welcoming tourists again after the standstill caused by the Covid pandemic.

The Ponta Lopud Festival ends today, July 5, and its co-founder Mirsad Purivatra says he is more than pleased with its first edition: “This is actually much more than we anticipated. Both Pawlikowski, participants and guests of the Ponta Lopud Festival believe that a new meeting spot has been successfully created, which was exactly the initial idea and the guiding principle of the Festival”.

Purivatra believes that the greatest value of the Ponta Lopud Festival is that it has gathered a new generation of young directors and actors from the neighbouring countries: “Our intention is to come up with new ideas and plans and give young people the opportunity to personally meet the most important people from the world of film. Inviting Pawlikowski proved to be a great success, the reactions of the participants are really great, and the conversations between him and the participants lasted much longer than initially planned”.

“There is a certain hunger among young, talented people from the world of film for conversation and gaining new knowledge, which is why the concept of the Ponta Lopud Festival has proved so successful,” said Purivatra, stressing that Lopud has come to life and those festival days are proof that culture and tourism have to go hand in hand. “I think we did a great job and that all the praise and comments confirm that we are onto something really great,” concludes Mirsad Purivatra just weeks before the 27th Sarajevo Film Festival in August.

Photographs of the last Festival day, Ponta Lopud Press